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Imagine the things you could do everyday if you had more time.

You can: Work on a new project. Acquire a new client. Learn a new skill. Make more money. Hit the gym. Spend a day with your kids. Read a book. Watch the sunset. Go for a walk. Travel new places. Uncover new opportunities. And what not! The possibilities are endless. So why bother yourself with things that doesn't require your time and effort? Maybe, it's Data entry. Internet research. Managing your email. Scheduling an appointment. Hotel reservation. Or, even buying groceries online. There are things that don't always require your personal attention. At the same time, you simply can't overlook or ignore them. That's where we, the Virtual Samaritans, come into your life. Because, time is the only thing that never comes back. And we make sure you use it— smartly, productively, and meaningfully.

Introduction on Virtual Assisting


How it works

How It Works

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How we make your life better

When you choose us, you

  • Do things that matters the most
  • Save your precious time
  • Save your energy
  • Save money
  • Reduce your work overload
  • Lessen your stress
  • Enhance your skills
  • Expand your business
  • Spend time with loved ones
  • Live a happy life

How clients make us smile

Hear happy stories straight from our clients (No, we don't edit their words)
Kedma Ough

"How pleased I am with the work Virtual Samaritans has provided to our company which incorporates a sense of pride and due diligence. Our organization’s structured is critical to a team effort requiring each of us to work together for the ship to move smoothly. Their staffs have a dedication to tasks that are rarely found in the character of others. They are always willing to learn, to grow, to challenge, and to go the extra mile. Having Virtual Samaritans on our team eases our stress as we know whatever task we assign them - they will get the job down with the highest quality of consideration. We adore Virtual Samaritans!!"

Kedma Ough

SBDC Director & Business Director, Avita Business Center
Oregon, USA

James Dobson

"I live in the US and I've worked with Virtual Samaritans since 2015. It's always a pleasure dealing with international companies with no language barriers. These guys go above and beyond to service every client. They are my go to team for any administration duties. Pricing is very fair, but in most cases they will work within your budget to build a healthy relationship. If I had to sum up there service in three words, it would be honesty, integrity, and commitment. Thanks for always going the extra mile. God Bless!"

Dea Woods

Founder & President, FrugoBee, LLC
Illinois, USA


Minimise your to-do lists and expenses.
Maximise your productivity and savings.
We are at your service.

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